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Born and raised in the Netherlands, Ronaye has always had a keen interest in sketching, typography and graphic design from an early age on.

Over the course of time, she has worked as an entrepreneur, on multi-disciplinary teams and in both corporate and start-up environments. She brings 23 years of experience in communications & publishing with 18 years on the internet in a variety of roles ranging from designer, developer, information architect to researcher, business analyst, strategist and project manager.

She holds a Diploma of Technology in Computer Systems: Multimedia Software Development from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). She has 10 years developing with CMS; six years in internet marketing, SEO, analytics, social networking and blogging; five years in construction and running a horse boarding facility; nine years in the film industry as dresser, and lead dresser; and  five years as an AirBnB superhost.

After working as a creative in the film industry (set decorating department), Ronaye is pivoting back to her much loved career of 20+ years in graphic & digital design. In support of that goal she has received the perfect refresher with a certificate in Graphic + Digital Design from InFocus Film school.

Ronaye is a multi-talented, strategic thinker, fully committed to developing solutions that excite, inspire, and challenge.

Ronaye is a full member in good standing with both IATSE 891 & ACFC WEST local 2020 UNIFOR.

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