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Personal branding system


Design a branded stationary system.

Brand development, logo design, business cards, envelope, letterhead, postage stamps, website, mobile, merchandising.

Illustration, design.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator.


From fountain pens to graphic design programs, the nib has been a long standing tool among designers throughout history.

With "RI" making up the initials of both the first and last name, the "i" proved to be the perfect candidate to be represented with the nib-tool.

​Together with a robust font, the simplicity of  this logo is easy to integrate with a multitude of designs and scales effortlessly for a variety of applications.

​For fun, we also added puzzle pieces to the brand.  Puzzle pieces reflect the complex nature of sorting and putting each of the pieces of the design and brand message together into one complete package.


The main logo can be used with or without the puzzle pieces.

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