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Het Vondelpark in Amsterdam



Develop a local attraction map for a destination of choice.


Create a vector map to scale in Illustrator with original artwork, featuring six primary landmarks and additional elements in a limited colour palette.


Research, illustrations, design.


Adobe Illustrator.


Het (the) Vondelpark is a public urban park of 120 acres located in Amsterdam. The park was opened in 1865 and currently attracts around 10 million visitors annually.


During the 60’s and 70’s—the flower power era—the park became a symbol of a place where “everything is possible and (almost) everything is allowed.”

The purpose of this map is to highlight some of the cool buildings and features that the park has to offer like the blue tea house, the music stand, and entry gates. In addition, the map identifies the main pathways used by those on bicycles, and secondary paths for those on foot.

The park is a beautiful combination of nature, history, architecture, and art. Six key features of the park have been created in a fun brush kind of style and sport no more than four colours plus their tints. These colours include red, a teal green, blue, and yellow.


A soft green has been added to depict the grasslands and trees while a light grey serves as a foundation and pointing system for the main icons. The soft yellow background and white intersecting lines are an abstract of the city buildings and a few of the main roads surrounding the park.

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